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"I can write songs but I can't really sing them."  "I can sing my songs but I can't really play them."  "I can play my songs but I can't really record them."  "I can record my songs but I can't figure out how to get anyone to listen to them."


Sound familar?  If so, you've come to the right place; Jeff Severson Productions is the source for producing demos and CDs for begining or professional songwriters.  Whether its cutting edge guitars and big sounding drums for modern rock, country vocalists with the perfect feel for your words and melodies, or the beats and vocal licks that are critical to a pop ballad, its all available, right here!


What's a Demo, Jeff?


A demo is produced version of a song the songwriter uses to shop his tune to artists and music publishers.  A great demo is a song that was just picked up by a major artist that will be recorded on their next CD making you very wealthy! (we do both, but we prefer the latter.)


Why would you need a demo?  In order for your song to be taken seriously by people in the industry, it has to sound almost like a finished song from a CD.  The publishers and artists simply don't have the time or are willing to invest the time to imagine what your song would have sounded like if it had a great singer or great production.  This is where we come in.


 We produce your a style that is sought after by the music industry.  We chose a vocalist to sing your song the way it should be sung no matter what genre; rock, country, pop or polka.  You end up with a finished product that is highly marketable with a professional sound like a song from your favorite artist!


What Else?


Most songwriters work in a bubble.  The only feedback they get is from family and friends. Through the process of working with us, you will gain valuable tips on how to advance your songwriting skills.  You will simply become a better writer because we will give you advice on how your songs could be improved even before we begin any recording.  There might be a line that needs a rewrite, there could be editing that needs to be done to give the song its full impact.  Small improvements that will make your song the best it can be.


We care because we have a vested interest in giving you complete songwriting services so that you too will be one of the many songwriters who have used us over and over for the 15 years we've been doing this.   Read on on how to become one.


What You Need to Do


  1. Make a demo of your song either as an MP3 or other audio file format. Most home computers provide a means to make basic recordings. It can be vocals only, but if possible include simple instrumentation either piano or guitar. See Other Services if your lyrics don't have a melody! Please email us if you need specific instructions on how to prepare you sample.

  2. Make two lyric sheets with double space between lines noting verse, chorus, and bridge and any other structural notations that are relevant. Write chord changes above the lines if you know them.

  3. Email the audio file to us at with two sets of printed lyrics. I will an invoice for services to be rendered via PayPal. Payment in advance is required.


Song Production Prices


  • One song with one instrument, piano or guitar, and vocal $325
  • One song with a full band, drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, lead vocal and background vocals $600
  • Three songs with full instrumentation and vocals $1650


The songwriter will receive a mastered CD ready for duplication of their song. Instrumental CDs of the songs are available at no extra charge. (Let us know this when you order.) Usually the production time after receiving your song is from 4-6 weeks. (sometimes sooner!)

We do accept personal checks but they must clear before we begin work. Money orders are appreciated. If you wish to pay by Credit Card we will bill you via PayPal.



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