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It's just brilliant, exactly how I imagined it would be. Love everything about it - guitars, drums and vocals. You did a great job!
James Howard, songwriter, Belgium


Om my god it is awesome!!!!!I TAXI forwarded it to a record label on my 1st submission ...Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ken Buchanan, songwriter, WDC


I am very glad I found your web site. You have given me the best advice anyone has in my 15 years of writing songs. Very cool having someone with so much experience and knowledge steering a demo of mine.
Michael Freidman, songwriter, Las Vegas


Wow. Another outstanding job on production! I've been listening to the songs this past weekend, and they really stand out as super demos. I am truly impressed, and these will be great songs to shop on TAXI --your production literally gave me goose bumps.
David Orcutt, songwriter, MD


Got the CD and listened a zillion times already. I am thrilled with it!
Anthony Solem, songwriter, AZ


The CD is here! Thanks Jeff! You did a great job!!
IM Productions, Songwriter, Sweden


I cannot express enough how much I love what you did for my songs.
Thomas Tantillo, songwriter, Vermont


Thank you Jeff, for all your hard work! I like it very much. You are the genius! Last night I created a ritual to take a good listen: a candlelit house and a bottle of champagne. I enjoyed myself very much and was dancing around and singing...Thank you again Jeff. I am very proud of the project and working with you. I am very happy!!
Mariah Larkin, singer/songwriter, SF


Thanks so much for producing such a great song! Its perfect!
Stephenie Anderson, songwriter, WDC


JSP brings the best out of me and my music. You know exactly what I am hearing and how to get the right sounds to express what I hear. I have been approached by many big name producers who want to work with me but I would not use anyone other than JSP on my projects. Truly one of the best.!
Brett Kimberlin , lead singer songwriter Epoxy, Bethesda, MD


Thank you for all of your hard work. It sounds like you did more than what I paid you for.     
Don Reynolds, songwriter, Michigan


Many thanks for the brilliant production work you've done on 'Descending Waterfall --you've really given it a great sound!
Callum Hendry, songwriter, Ireland


I got it and it is beautiful! Stephanie's voice is wonderful - she really did make it soar - and the instrumental arrangements and backup vocals add just the right accents and warmth. I am more than very pleased with your work!!! The changes made added to the overall impact. I had several friends listen to it and they, along with me, believe this is the best demo of my work.
Debby Shearon, songwriter, Virginia


Your production work on "Friends in Love," was no doubt instrumental in helping us win the Grand Prize in the Mid Atlantic Song Contest. Thanks again!
Will and Ben Mason, songwriters, Virginia


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