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We also produce CDs for singer/songwriters.  Write us on how this can be done even if you live in a remote area.  If you have trouble deciding which of your songs are the most commercial or production worthy, you can send us as many as ten songs and we will give you feedback as to which songs should be produced.


 After your song is completed, we will give you our best advice as to how the song should be marketed in the music industry (known as "shopped" in the biz) and steer you in the right direction for getting your songs heard in the industry.


MP3s of your completed songs can be made available for a minimal processing charge.


If you are a lyricist and need a melody, we have writers on our staff who can help you.   The same service is available if you have a melody and need lyrics.  Cost of these services varies but generally run around $125 - $200 per song.


Song Production for Songwriters


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