Jeff Severson Productions




Twenty-five years ago, I created a song production company to help fellow songwriters realize their dreams.  Since that time we've produced over one hundred CDs and thousands of song demos for songwriters like yourself from Japan, Australia, Europe and the Americas.  The goal was to provide the very best vocal, instrumental, and production expertise at reasonable prices.  Today, Iím proud of Jeff Severson Productionsí rich history of success, though I havenít forgotten the values that got us here.


If youíre looking for cookie cutter production, played by musicians who are paid according to how many songs they can kick out in an hour, then you may wish to surf onward.  We do things differently here.  We take your songs seriously.  All the musicians, engineers and producers at JSP are songwriters themselves and they know how important your song is to you.  We work with you to make sure your song is the best that it can be, that it is marketable and that it will take your writing career to the next level.


Please be sure to listen to our samples, and read what your peers have to say in our Rave Reviews section. The Song Production section explains the process.  I look forward to working with you as one day soon you will hear your song sound like a hit record!


You can hear me play guitar on the pages of Jeff Plays Guitar


~Jeff Severson